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What is Embryo Donation?

When intended parents go through an IVF cycle, because of the cost and procedure required, it is common to create more embryos than desired children to reduce chances of having to repeat the process. Often intended parents are left with remaining embryos once they have successfully conceived their child and decide not have any additional children. These remaining embryos are usually kept in cryostorage until the parents decide to destroy them, donate them the to medical research, freeze them indefinitely, or donate these embryos to families struggling with their own fertility issues. Once the embryo is donated to the intended parents it is transferred to the womb of the woman who carries and gives birth to the child like it is her own, even though it is not her own genetic material just as it would not be in an adoption.

What is a Snowflake Baby?

Snowflake Baby is the term created for a child born through the process of embryo donation.

What is is a self-matching application for embryo donation that connects families pursuing embryo donation to potential donors who have struggled with their own fertility issues and want to donate their unused embryos to families who need them.
We are NOT an adoption agency.

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Who Benefits?

embryo donation donor
Embryo Donors

Potential embryo donors are stuck with the moral and ethical dilemma of how to handle unused embryos while continuing to cover the expense of long term storage fees.

embryo donation recipient
Embryo Recipients

Potential recipients may be excluded from an opportunities to have their own families due to high cost of fertility treatments or adoption and physical limitations that prevent natural conception.

cryopreservation facility
Cryo Facilities

Cryo preservation and storage facilities are exposed to legal implications of high abandonment rates and having to determine how to handle abandoned embryos.

snowflake babies

Today there are an estimated 600,000 to 4 million frozen embryos stored in the United States that are abandoned or unclaimed, representing an enormous burden for clinics and storage facilities.

"...Reports indicate some owners of unused embryos cut off contact with clinics or storage facilities out of guilt: They want neither to have additional children nor to continue paying storage fees, but they don't want to make the call to have the embryos destroyed. "

Vaughn, Richard. “What to Do with Abandoned Embryos.” IFLG - International Fertility Law Group, 7 Nov. 2017, Accessed 24 May 2021.

How Does it Work?

sign up
Sign Up and Create a Profile

Create a profile and sign up to access our embryo donor + recipient database. Donors can create free profiles and are under no obligation to donate unless they find the right family and choose to move forward.

search profiles
Search Profiles to Find a Match

Use search and filter features to narrow down potential donors or intended parents looking for embryos.

chat with potential donors
Contact Your Potential Donor/Recipient

Communicate with potential matches through our messaging system until you are comfortable with direct contact with your selected match.

create legal agreement
Agree to Terms and Make Arrangements for Embryo Transfer

Donor and recipient agree upon terms of transfer, ie. storage fees, donation agreement type (open vs closed), transport of embryos, any legal arrangements or contracts between the two parties. I highly suggest having an agreement drafted by a lawyer or legal representative.

Why Choose Us?

baby bottle

$67.95/mth to self match for recipients (standard Donor profiles are free) as opposed to $3000+ in non profit program fees, or $10k+ in "embryo adoption" agency fees, or $30k-$100K for IVF treatments.

baby chick

Donors & Recipients can move forward with the ‘property transfer’ as quickly, or slowly as they would like, they are not held back by agency timelines and lengthy legal processes.


Donors & Recipients can choose the level of legal involvement and contractual agreements they are comfortable with. Expensive and invasive home studies and agency interference not required.

blue balloon

I am not only a software developer, but a woman who has been through it. I built this database because I wanted to solve a problem that was close to my heart. I am also a user of this application, and someone who legitimately cares and relates to the process and the struggle.

Harleigh Abel

My Story

I think we can all agree that not everything in life goes according to plan. I grew up in a big family, the oldest of five children. Whether or not I was going to have a family of my own was never a question. But life happened, as it does, and my career choices and lifestyle included many years travelling, living abroad and working in industries that required me to be away from home, and in environments that were not conducive to settling down. Still, I was not concerned, I knew I had lots of time to find the right partner, and build my family. I was 33 when I left a career working on boats, and experienced my first pregnancy shortly after. It was devastating that at the same moment I learned I was pregnant, I was also informed that it was a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy that required emergency surgery and the removal of my right fallopian tube. I was heartbroken by the loss and terrified that it might limit my chances of family building in the future. My relationship ended shortly after and I delayed my family plans again.

Jump ahead five years. Like many people, especially women, I began to feel the pressure that if I didn't start a family soon, I might not get the opportunity at all. However, at this time, my relationship was less than ideal and the stress and pressure to juggle school, a career change, an unhappy relationship, and starting a new family resulted in four miscarriages. The first two broke my heart, but by my third and fourth miscarriages, I just felt numb. I wanted a family more than anything but not under these conditions, while at the same time, I felt so much pressure to beat the clock, and I was uncertain if I would find the right partner before I "aged out". Feeling lost and frustrated, I switched to focusing on my career and hoped a solution would present itself, since the astronomical expenses of IVF were not an option for me at the time.

Five more years passed, at the age of 42, even though my previous medical examinations showed no health reasons that I couldn’t pursue IVF as a single woman, the expense was still out of reach for me with a single income, and now egg quality and finding the right donor sperm became added concerns and complications. But, when I decide I want something, especially this important, I don't give up easily, and I don't let outside opinions or circumstances make my life decisions for me. Being the stubborn, hard-headed woman that I am, I researched every possibility thoroughly. I explored foster care, traditional adoption, international adoption, IVF, surrogacy, and egg donation. Each alternative presented a new set of financial or bureaucratic challenges. Then one day I stumbled across an article about embryo donation. I was shocked that after all my time in clinics, fertility groups, doctors' appointments, and online research, that I had never heard of it. Since embryos can not be bought or sold, many fertility clinics, doctors and organizations who benefit from the high cost of egg donation and repeated IVF cycles don’t offer or disclose this option as an alternative to their clients. It was in that moment that I found hope again and knew that I too could build the family I deserved and dreamed of having. It gave me my power back, it gave me family back and that’s when I decided to give other people the same opportunity.

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